Employee Management

AMS’ LEADER Employee Management Solution provides a single source of truth for the people in your organisation. With the organisation structure firmly in the centre, our solution provides a single integrated source of information for you to drive your business through your people.

AMS’ LEADER Employee Management Solution provides strategic and operational benefits to large and dispersed organisations that are focussed on delivering good business outcomes while maintaining quality customer service.

Our solution is robust enough to manage the environment at large private and public sector organisations, while flexible enough to be effective as the core HR system for small or medium enterprises.

3.45 Billion dollars were managed, controlled, accounted and paid through AMS’ LEADER Employee Management Solutions in 2012.

  • 50.000 people managed
  • 50.000 people managed

Core HR

  • Single source of truth for all Organisation and People
  • Provides a suite of standard HR modules
  • Ability to integrate with third party software for more complex HR module requirements


  • Delivers Inland Revenue legislative compliance
  • Provides full historical transactional auditability for all payments calculated and re-calculated
  • Multiple pay run types to cater for all needs
  • On demand automated re-calculation of pay changes at an employee or group level
  • Full remuneration package processing
  • Powerful flexibility for the creation and management of contractual remuneration components
  • Powerful reporting capability - all information is retained and available for extract via various means

Leave Management

  • Delivers Holidays Act legislative compliance
  • Provides full transactional auditability for every action that impacts on leave
  • Automatically processes leave configuration changes whether they are for a past, present or future date
  • Balances and entitlements automatically recalculated based on entitlement changes, FTE changes, new entitlements, service and/or anniversary changes, manual adjustments
  • Powerful flexibility for users to create and manage non legislative leave types such as continuing professional education, corporation days and leave entitlements over and above legislative requirement with different rates and rules
  • Provides accurate forecasting of balances and entitlements used as a tool for testing contract negotiations and remediation calculations


  • Provides an expandable and flexible solution to suit your business needs
  • Simple management of skills, competencies and experience
  • Reduction in clinical risk, staff freed for clinical duties
  • Four measurement paradigms: budget, planned, rostered and actual provide the tools to drive financial management
  • Provides compliance with roster and fatigue policies
  • Real-time analytics and reports available
  • Flexible and customisable resource/skills configuration to ensure the best matched employees for each gap
  • Accurate shift history

Award Interpretation

  • 100% interpretation of Enterprise Agreements and Awards
  • Complex award rules are evaluated
  • Management of employees with multiple roles within an organisation
  • Date effective solution with automatic pay adjustments within a period
  • Accurate cost reporting