Managing an organisation’s human resources well is vital to the success of any business. What is not always understood, however, is the capability of a strategically designed HRMIS to deliver information that enables innovation and delivers much wider business benefits.

At the heart of our LEADER HRMIS is the ability to create a crucible of information for an organisation – this will become your single source of truth of organisation and people information. It is a powerful tool for both organisational strategy and its implementation.

Defining your entire organisation through the cross matrix relationships of functional roles, business units and physical locations, delivers information such as skills and competencies available, compliance requirements, vacancies, headcount, reporting lines, training, licences, security and more.

In these days of highly mobile, dispersed workforces, an online HRMIS system is vital. Our system empowers employees and managers alike through our online kiosk.

For managers our solution can help identify leaders, help with forward planning/visibility of workload, leave, seasonal trends, new upcoming models of care, new skills/capability required, enforcing best practice, looking for better ways, improving process and providing evidence based benchmarking.

Managers can use the information to motivate their team, develop their capability, manage costs, ensure coverage, monitor employee health and reduce burnout.

Strategically used, our HRMIS can help identify lead indicators to identify pockets of innovation.

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics can help enterprise leaders manage cost and leave and keep the best workers with the company.


The investment you make in managing and developing your human resource will determine your productivity and ultimately the success of your business.

AMS understands people management. We are specialists in end-to-end solutions that allow you to focus on what you do well, while we fulfil your back office requirements.

AMS is your specialist human resource partner from simple payroll to a major strategic exercise in workforce planning we can provide you with the technology and the resources to streamline your business.

AMS is your specialist human resource partner, taking complex payroll and making it simple.

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