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Technology and Government agencies: can we do better?
01 Sep 2016

Last month, NZ Tech released their report on the economic impact of technology in NZ. AMS aim is to increase productivity in the public sector.

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AMS to present a session on “Contingency Planning” at the Payroll Workshops (28th July in Wellington, 04th August in Palmerston North)
21 Jul 2016

Donna Delaney who recently joined AMS as Services Manager will be leading the managing risk discussion with the “Contingency Planning” topic for both workshops.

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AMS welcome Donna Delaney, Services Manager
18 Jul 2016

Welcome to Donna Delaney on being appointed to the position of Services Manager at AMS.

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AMS speaking at the 19th Annual Australasian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week on the 15-17 June 2016
26 May 2016

Shared Services & Outsourcing Week is Australasia’s largest gathering of shared services and outsourcing professionals and over 500 shared services professionals attend

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Leave Manager going live at Nelson Marlborough DHB
22 Mar 2016

AMS is pleased to announce that a significant milestone was reached on the 18th February when the Leave Manager version of AMS LEADER went live at Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (NMDHB).

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Technology and Government agencies: can we do better?
01 Sep 2016
AMS was one of the sponsors for the recently released NZ Tech report - Digital Nation New Zealand, from Tech Sector to Digital Nation. It provides an analysis of the economic impact the Tech sector is having on the New Zealand Economy.  It is the first report to quantify the impact of technology and is fast becoming how we measure the growth and impact of technology in New Zealand.
As an enterprise workforce management solution provider, AMS aims to increase public sector companies’ productivity via intelligent automation and smart end-to-end processes. It is very interesting that the report states that an improvement in technology productivity could potentially impact all industries productivity. And based on the NZIER research, “a 4% Tech sector productivity improvement would cause NZ GDP to expand by 1%” which represents "$2.7 billion expansion of the economy”.

Similar findings are evident in the Treasury BASS (Benchmarking Administrative and Support Services) report, which provides information on the back-office functions across the NZ State sector and is produced annually.
The latest BASS report, which was released last month (July 2016) identified that “HR services are not particularly efficient or effective by international standards” and that “HR processes remain cumbersome and are characterised by low levels of automation”.

Having the agencies that are below median efficiency reach median efficiency generates productivity gains of $37.7 million annually.

The impact of technology on efficiency and more

Last year, an analysis made on the BASS report has shown that AMS offers the most productive and best value for money HRMIS system to NZ Government agencies*.

​Automated processes using AMS Business Process Management (BPM) to drive intelligent workflows reduces the time spent by FTE on administrative tasks, to focus on more strategic tasks.
Better use of resources efficiently and effectively “could be critical for the agencies that cannot generate more revenue but need to optimise the use of their existing resources to increase the service levels and output”. More than increased productivity, automated intelligent processes improves customers’ experience and have a greater proportion of public funds utilised for front-line resources.
* FIN6 (Payroll productivity) and HR5.5 (core HR process productivity) metrics have been grouped by solution supplier, excluding suppliers with just one agency.