LEADER Roster to Pay (R2P)

For some organisations, effective allocation and tracking of resource is a huge challenge. Fluctuating workforce and competency requirements, many differing awards, different employee types and locations are some of the challenges. In addition, trying to minimise costs and plan in this environment provides management challenges.

AMS optional rostering and award interpreter supports and automates enormous complexity from roster to pay:

  • Automating the calculation of awards
  • Managing compliance requirements
  • Planned, rostered and actual views to support forecasting and planning
  • Intelligent rostering of an individual with multiple roles
  • Kiosk access giving visibility and control to management and employees alike
  • Predicting resource costs

AMS payroll streamlines the payroll function and removes time consuming payroll problems, with:

  • Automated calculation and processing of pay and tax, including retrospective pays and out-of-cycle pays
  • Comprehensive payroll information and visibility for management and employees
  • Support for multiple awards and many different allowances and deductions
  • Provision of statutory reporting
  • Automated calculation, payment and auditing of many leave types
  • Where rostering, storage of all timesheet data making future recalculations and detailed reporting easier.
Approx 50% of health workers

Roster to Pay (R2P) with AMS

AMS’ solution simplifies and automates the processes through its employee-centric design.

The design of our powerful award interpreter within the AMS solution ensures consistency of rule interpretations and of payments. Our solution supports Multi Employer Collective Agreements (MECAs) and Independent Employment Agreements and allows for future support for many different types of agreements.

Our solution is proven in the most complex, 24 hour, awards-based sectors in New Zealand, such as public health.