Self Service Kiosk

AMS AMS’ self service web kiosk – LEADER Kiosk - creates a structured and supportive working environment for both employees and managers by providing control and visibility of their employment. This high level of interaction provides a new level of engagement with your people and puts valuable people information in the hands of your management team where they need it most – right at their fingertips.

Approx 3.5 bn/year managed

Through our online self-service kiosk managers can utilise data to gain a clear and current view of people resources, how that relates to overall planning and roster management.

Having direct access to their team’s credentials, skills and competencies, learning and development, and performance management information enables managers to make good people decisions, in real time, enabling them to maximise team performance.

    Kiosk Roaster
  • Organisation Chart
  • Rosters and timesheets and approvals
  • Pay history and online payslips
  • Employee HR info and maintenance
  • Leave applications and approvals
  • Financial Claims and Approvals
  • Education and Learning
  • Performance Management
  • OH&S Incident Reporting
  • Continual Professional Education Management (CPE/CME)
  • Management reporting
  • Dashboarding