AMS Able to Track Employee COVID Immunisation

24 Feb, 2021

Existing AMS people management software is quickly configured to track those being trained to be a vaccinator, those already qualified to administer it and those who have been immunised. In providing payroll and people management services to over 50% of District Health Boards, AMS is able to be used in assisting in the tracking the immunisation of frontline staff.  But the benefits extend beyond this.

Since COVID immunisation has been on the horizon, AMS has been examining how it can support the roll out.  In the first instances, it means COVID vaccination certification can be tracked and maintained as per any other certification in the AMS solution.

This ensures healthcare organisations can immediately identify and report on the staff they have available to administer vaccinations - including contractors - and roster them accordingly.  We believe it will  assist in the speed at which health providers can respond to administering the vaccine – in particular, it ensures staff who may need to work remotely for this are rostered and paid appropriately.

AMS Records COVID Immunisation Details

AMS software can also be configured to track those who have been immunised, the type of vaccine they have received and record when the employee received the first and second dose.  This helps mitigate the employers duty to provide a safe working environment as well as safeguard patients and customers. 

It is important to note, this is in no way intended to compete with - or act as a replacement for - the National Immunisation Register.  Instead, it is a highly accurate way for any employer – but especially those in health care – to accurately link those who have been immunised to the roles they hold.   Most importantly it can connect them at the point of rostering.

Roster with confidence

For those that also use the AMS rostering solution, recording the immunisation of individual employees can be used to activate roster rules.  This enables further warnings and safeguards to be applied. 

This will be most important moving forward. It will help ensure DHBs' and other health providers can accurately track staff who haven’t been vaccinated so they aren’t deployed into high-risk areas. It also enables all other employers to understand the risk profile across their employee base and manage potential risks appropriately - for both employer and customer safety.  

This configuration is readily available to all existing AMS customers.  If you would like to know more please contact your AMS account manager or email