AMS Workforce Release: Roster imports, standard timesheet and process automation

3 Nov, 2020

As part of our ongoing investment in Workforce Management we are totally committed to regularly delivering new benefits to meet increasing workforce management challenges. 

This release we focus on our process automation capability, roster assignment imports and the new 'Standard Timesheet' capability. 

New Standard Timesheet

The established AMS Rostering and Award Interpretation product (Actor) has a timesheet module which automatically pre-populates when rosters are published. This functionality is great for complex rostering environments where employees can work many different shifts within a Roster Cycle.

 However, for standard paid employees with static work patterns it is not a great user experience. To cater for these employees, we have constructed a new ‘Standard Timesheet’ that does not require a published roster. 

Employees and managers are now able to enter attendance on any day in any given pay cycle. The approved attendance is automatically transferred to the Award Interpreter for evaluating complex award conditions. 

The new Standard Timesheet is extremely useful for employees with complex award interpretation who work static hours. Organisations can set up employees to receive their normal pay every pay period, using the timesheet (plus the award interpreter) for when an employee works unusual hours or claims an extra entitlement. 

Import Rosters from Other Systems

AMS now enables the importing of Roster Assignments from other systems, It allows an organisation to harness the power of AMS Roster-to-Pay without changing its existing roster system.  Having generated the Roster Assignments outside of AMS they can then be integrated to create timesheets which feed into the Award Interpreter.  The new Roster Import has a standard format to integrate with any other roster product. (But we still recommend you take a look at the rostering capability built into AMS first.)

Process Automation

The AMS process automation capability has several enhancements in this latest release: 

• The User Interface has been reshuffled to ensure ease of access to relevant information and items

• Report tables for different organisations in a multi-tenanted environment have been segregated for enhanced security  

• Attachments can now optionally be viewed on screen or downloaded as required

This not only enhances your ability to use process automation to enhance organisational efficiency but ensures you are able to apply best-practice process, quickly and efficiently. 

A notification of the release, including full details has been provided to customers who can contact their account manager or email support for further information.   If you’re not a customer as yet and would like to know more, please get in touch as we are always happy to share what we do.