Tāmaki Health partners with AMS for roster-to-pay solution

20 May, 2024

AMS is excited to be partnering with Tāmaki Health – the largest primary healthcare provider in Aotearoa. The healthcare group engaged AMS to help them achieve better visibility across their nationwide operations.

Tāmaki Health is now live on AMS Pulse, an end-to-end, cloud-based, roster-to-pay solution which can provide greater insights into business operations and help to create efficiencies.

Managing a complex nationwide workforce

Tāmaki Health have more than 40 general practice and urgent care clinics throughout New Zealand and have a complex workforce. 

The health care group was seeking a solution that would:

  • Accurately track the costs of each of their 40 clinics.
  • Manage compliance with collective agreements and regulatory requirements.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Tāmaki Health’s existing systems, such as finance and Active Directory. 

Implementing AMS Pulse

AMS Pulse has been specifically designed to support large organisations with complex workforces like Tāmaki Health. 

Our roster-to-pay solution comprises three main components: the payroll system, rostering and award interpretation, and a self-service portal. Each of these components work together to create a compliant user experience for Tāmaki Health.

In AMS Pulse, Tāmaki Health now has a solution that helps to navigate issues around transparency of costs, compliance and integration. More specifically the solution provides: 

  • A comprehensive costing model which enables valuable insights into all aspects of workforce costs.
  • Simple integration into Tāmaki Health’s existing systems. 
  • An uninterrupted flow of data and granular cost analysis at clinic and employee level to help Tāmaki Health in making informed data-driven decisions. 
  • Tools to simplify compliance and ensure that all workforce management practices are aligned with the ever-changing employment regulations.

A solution delivering results

Implementation of AMS Pulse at Tāmaki Health began with the rollout of the payroll system, now moving into the next phase to implement full roster-to-pay functionality.

Since AMS Pulse has gone live, Tāmaki Health’s payroll team have seen the development of greater efficiencies. Going live just before Christmas and managing pays over Easter proved hugely beneficial for the management of payruns over the public holiday period.

Ben Barlow, Head of Workforce Management at AMS, is delighted to have Tāmaki Health as a customer. 

“Tāmaki Health is the largest Primary Health provider in New Zealand and AMS products and services are well aligned to serving its needs. AMS Pulse has been developed to support complex workforces and delivers for the specific needs of the health sector. We are proud to serve many in the Secondary Health sector already and extending our footprint further in Primary Health is a logical step – we’re delighted to have Tāmaki Health as a customer.”

This partnership reinforces AMS’s commitment to simplifying complexity and providing innovative software solutions for large organisations across New Zealand.

To learn more about AMS Pulse or how we can help your business contact us today.