Te Matau a Māui’s cloud-based upgrade with AMS Pulse

15 Jul, 2023

Te Matau a Māui, Hawke's Bay, has been our client for several years and was our co-design partner in developing our market-leading roster-to-pay solution. In 2021, Te Matau a Māui, Hawke's Bay, decided to upgrade to our cloud-based software, AMS Pulse with the latest version of Leave Manager.

Upgrading to a cloud-based platform is part of a digital transformation strategy and provides a platform for the future with a raft of benefits, including:

  • A fully managed environment: Having upgrades fully managed takes pressure off the client and ensures clients are continuously operating on the most recent version of our software. This better supports compliance and allows faster benefits realisation as soon as updates are released
  • Enhanced Security: AMS Pulse cloud platform provides a safe place for critical data – it is hosted in a New Zealand government-approved, secure data centre and aligns with NZISM
  • Robust Business Continuity: Recent events have shown us the importance of a BCP.  AMS Pulse has an automated failover enacted annually to ensure backup systems seamlessly kick in and prevent any loss of service continuity
  • Internet-based: providing equitable access is a significant benefit, allowing access to the AMS platform and the self-service portal anywhere there is the internet and on a variety of devices
  • Driving digital transformation: By automating processes, there are significant efficiency gains as well as eliminating the error margin inherent in manual processes

As a long-time partner of AMS, the rationale for the shift was to achieve the benefits of the AMS solution delivered from a cloud platform. There was a strong desire to gain equitable access, allowing staff to manage their personal information and access all core HR information (including rosters) in one easy-to-access platform.

AMS Pulse supports compliance with current and future Holidays Act changes and enhances traceability and auditability of leave data.  At an operational level, the transition allowed the streamlining and customisation of reporting functionality to reduce workload and improve oversight of all processes and leave liability.

Te Matau a Māui, Hawke's Bay were an ideal client for the project. Our teams worked exceptionally well together; communication was open and transparent, and the apparent end goal of a proven, compliant cloud-based solution kept everyone on track.

As our design partner in our market-leading roster to pay solution, Te Matau a Māui, Hawke's Bay have worked with us in a co-design process before. We find co-design the most effective implementation strategy, as it allows for a learning environment. This process enables us to mould our solution to the client to support complex workforces in the end-to-end roster-to-pay process. You can find out more about co-design in our previous blog.

After two concurrent pay runs, in August 2022, Te Whatu Ora Te Matau a Māui (Hawkes Bay DHB) went live in AMS Pulse.  One year down the track, AMS Pulse continues to safely manage the complete roster-to-pay process for Te Matau a Māui. Finance staff confidently use the system, and the team enjoys the self-service functionality accessible from any device.

If you want to join Te Matau a Māui, Hawke's Bay, as one of our happy customers, contact us today and see how co-design with us will deliver a cloud-based, end-to-end roster-to-pay solution that will support the management of your complex workforce.