Service and Support

The AMS team goes above and beyond
End to End

End-to-end – from needs analysis to claims

Fully managed

Fully managed solution – we take the IT pain away

Project management

Total project management – from start to finish


Consultancy – industry experts working for you


Support that scales – as you grow, so do we


Full-service support – from upgrades to maintenance

AMS Services and Support

The AMS Insurance Management team leads in many different ways - and not just the obvious ones. 

AMS provides a lot more innovation to our Insurance Management customers than anyone would ever expect. And this isn’t confined to our software. Our extensive range of technical support and services are also tailored to specifically meet individual customer needs and keep pace with industry change.  This includes taking full responsibility for integration into your core platform - taking all that pain away. 

Service and Support

Everyone works to their strengths

We view every engagement as a team event. A team we all belong to and have a role to play in its success. You do what you're best at in identifying what your solution needs to do. We take the technical pain away - configuring your solution to ensure all the premium collection and other lifecycle activity, needs analysis, quoting, payment of claims, and more - just happens. 

That extends across everything from systems training for your team, to acting as your inhouse IT support.  And that doesn't stop. AMS is there to support you through software upgrades, business change, regulatory updates and technology shifts. Your business isn't something we take lightly. In so many different ways we provide much needed 'assurance' for your business and insurance policies.

Service and Support

The insurance industry isn't like any other

You can't just abandon legacy products - policies need to last a life time and it requires a very different skill set to manage this. 

  1. AMS supports the legacy of your long-running life products in parallel with handling state-of-the-art modular newer offerings.
  2.  We can seamlessly migrate you from the old to the new: supporting your full product set on one administration system while enabling you add new products as and when you want to add.
  3. Our service and support is 100% New Zealand based. We operate when you do, plus you deal directly with those designing and building your solution.

Why so many industry leaders choose to work with AMS

  • We understand the New Zealand insurance industry and help our customers to lead, not follow
  • Relationships are built for the long-term - customers stay with us for decades
  • You want to work with specialists; AMS employs experts in both insurance and technology
  • It's as though we are part of your team - we work with you to deliver the outcomes you need
  • We deliver. AMS prides itself on meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

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