Employee Management

Our Employee Management solution provides a single source of truth for your organisation.

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Automated solutions for the sale and management of life insurance products.

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Simplifying Complexity

AMS simplifies the complexity of business management by providing solutions that accurately reflect, streamline and drive today’s working environments. Find out more about us here.

  • Insurance

    Achieving efficiency and effectiveness in solution automation can only be done when your processes are truly end-to-end. AMS can help achieve that goal and deliver an excellent outcome from product design through to effective administration.

  • Employee Management

    More than 50,000 people managed and paid through our solution and over $3.45b managed, controlled, and paid for in the last year.

  • Self Service Kiosk

    Through our online self-service kiosk managers can utilise data to gain a clear and current view of people resources, how that relates to overall planning and roster management.

  • Outsource Services

    With our full Outsource service we become your payroll department. As partners we become part of your team delivering best in class service to ensure you get the outcomes you need.

  • Roster to Pay

    AMS’ solution simplifies and automates the processes through its employee-centric design. Approximately 50% of public health workers are managed and paid through our solution.