AMS Outsource

Let us take care of your people management and payroll for you
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Successfully delivering fully outsourced people management for around 20 years

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Engaging, accurate, payroll, rostering and people management - on time, every time

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Proactive service delivered by a highly experienced team of New Zealand payroll experts

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Built on long-term relationships, we work with you to continuously improve our service

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Enables the digital transformation of people management across your organisation

AMS Outsource (AMSO): Your HR and Payroll Department 

Meet your ongoing payroll, HR and rostering needs using our effective outsourced services. While the AMSO service may be highly automated our focus is on being a collaborative and responsive part of your team.  Your payroll becomes our responsibility - and we take that very seriously.

AMS Outsource

AMSO makes your people management simple

The AMSO team provides you with real confidence in your payroll and HR administration.  Our systems have in-built flexibility to support unique requirements while ensuring your payroll is both accurate and compliant.

AMS provides outsource services to a wide variety of New Zealand businesses from large public entities to mid-size businesses.  It is designed to support the most complex payrolls, through to those that are relatively straight forward. No matter what business you run, we make it simple (and fun).  As one of our customers put it:

Thank you for your help, your support, your time. For sharing my frustrations but also for making it very easy and having many a laugh along the way.  I love working with you all. 
AMS Outsource

AMS Outsource Philosophy

We believe in long-term relationships.  It is what makes AMS Outsource different and why we've successfully served New Zealand businesses for around two decades.  AMS becomes an extension of your business.  Your AMSO payroll consultant is dedicated to your needs, making sure your payroll runs smoothly.  

A number of other factors make AMS Outsource outstanding:

  • We focus on today and tomorrow: the AMSO team proactively looks for ways to improve
  • Our engagement framework ensures we meet with you regularly at an operational and strategic level
  • We seek to understand your specific requirements as they evolve
  • We deliver fully outsourced outcomes, including PAYE intermediary services
  • AMSO supports digital transformation, removing paper processes and automating workflows
  • Our standard operating procedures ensure a highly accurate and effective service, every time
  • Everyone in your organisation has secure, mobile friendly, 24/7 access, to the information they need

We can design an AMSO plan that works for you - start the conversation today.

Outsource versus Bureau

Full Outsource

With our full AMSO service we become your payroll and HR administration department. Your AMSO payroll consultant is part of your team, delivering best in class service so you get the outcomes you need. Everyone in your organisation benefits from having expert payroll and Core HR right to hand. 


Retain ownership of managing the payroll function and let AMSO's bureau bring support and structure to your environment through streamlining your in-house payroll and HR administration functions. Not sure which is the best option for you?  Get in touch and we'll talk you through the options.

Self-Service – The team rostering and performance tool

Team leaders gain a clear and current view of their people and how that relates to overall planning and roster management.  It is easy to share information with teams for instant feedback, to create a highly engaged workforce. It also enables managers to make good people decisions with real time access to information such as a team member’s skills and competencies. In every way possible, it heightens and enhances your team's performance.

Self-Service – The team rostering and performance tool

Outsourced Solutions

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AMS Pulse

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Proven in the most complex, 24 hour, awards-based workforce environments in NZ
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