AMS Company Update: 12 August 2020

12 Aug, 2020

As we moved back into Covid-19 Level 3 lockdown at noon today, it is nice to be able to share something positive.  

And the good news is…the AMS team is growing as the result of acquiring new business on our cloud platform.  

While confidentiality prevents us from talking about new customers, we can talk about new hires. 

Since April we have been able to welcome four new team members on board:

  • Infrastructure Engineer, Daniel Slater,
  • Delivery Lead, Mehdi Ebrahim,
  • Application Developer, Sam Shiu, and
  • Business Analyst, Gladmond Chua  

We are indeed in a fortunate position to have a further vacancy for a Help Desk Analyst which we are interviewing for now and hoping to fill in the next few weeks. 

Changing how we work

As a thirty-year-old-plus company the last few months have been unprecedented in our history.  Our response to Covid-19 has resulted in some fundamental changes to how we work, with a more flexible approach to splitting time between working in the office and from home. 

We have fine-tuned our Work from Home policy and see most of our staff taking up this opportunity for one or two days a week. As we move back into Level 3 lockdown, we’re expecting a seamless transition with business continuing as usual – with our team working from home until further notice.

Not only has this been embraced by our team but the customers we work with.  It is a spirit of collaboration we are seeing in spades as workplaces are no longer restricted to a single location.  We do try to “eat our own dog food” so you can also expect to see some exciting new product developments in the next few months for our Workforce solution.

Time to celebrate

Finally, just as it is exciting to welcome new staff on board, it is just as rewarding to be able to recognise those who have chosen to continue to work with us.  Congratulations to Software Developer Alison Gentles who has been with us for two decades (joining in July 2000) and Account Manager, Noel Horne who clocked up 15 years in April. 

AMS is now a very different company to when Alison and Noel started with us – we hope a better one having learnt as we grow. It is great to be able to provide long term (10 year plus) careers for so many of our staff.  While none of us can predict what the future can bring – there is genuine excitement and positivity around AMS as we continue to evolve and grow.