Rostering is the lifeblood of many complex organisations

12 Nov, 2019

Rostering is a complex process. Done well and with accuracy, things flow smoothly. Done badly, with manual processes, you can run into trouble and end up with issues that flow through to inaccurate accounting and payroll.

AMS delivers automated rostering, electronic time-sheeting and award interpretation to enable the focus to remain on the front line - you get more time for what you and your people should be doing.

Over decades, we have built the AMS intelligent rostering and automated award interpretation rules engine to simplify even the most complex organisation.

This is significant because the effective allocation and tracking of limited resource within a financially constrained environment is a huge challenge, especially if you have a dynamic 24x7 environment with a range of shifts and competency levels, many employment awards and enterprise agreements, and different employee types for employees with multiple roles and different locations.

To fully automate the process from roster to pay, whilst consistently applying the large number of awards and Enterprise Agreements is an opportunity to increase efficiency and enhance productivity whilst giving visibility and control to management and employees alike.

Why automate?

Public and private organisations that have implemented AMS technology enjoy transformational benefits that have far reaching impact across the organisation, including:

Management control:

Management visibility to calculate the cost of resources is faster and more accurate, enhancing the quality of decision making and planning. With the ability to see shift costs before the shift has been published, including budgeted, planned and rostered costs, and once the shift is over, to compare against actual costs empowers managers; decisions around rostering can be better applied, and management delegations achieved.

Ensured compliance:

Access better visibility; highlighting trends or monitor compliance, such as skills compliance, practising certificates or fatigue management. The Award Interpreter delivers consistent interpretation of awards and enterprise agreements.

Streamlined processes:

The solution simplifies, streamlines and automates the rostering, timesheet approval and award interpretation processes. The solution reduces complexities with features such as the ability to match skills and competencies to the shift requirements.


Improved accuracy of pay data; the intelligent award interpreter within the solution ensures reliable pay accuracy, resulting in removal of rework and corrections, and a greater consistency of outcomes.


Processing time for roster building and then downstream payroll processing is reduced, freeing up staff for more constructive tasks. Electronic time recording or online timesheets reduce paper waste and releases more time for staff to do productive work.

Electronic Shift Approvals – driving engagement and empowerment

Online rosters guarantee visibility, and include electronic timesheets where employees see and verify the hours they have worked. Managers use the same portal to review, change and/or approve the shifts worked by their staff. Upon approval, the information flows to the Award Interpreter for evaluation.

Worked hours are often different to rostered hours. In these instances, employees make changes online and submit for manager approval. Correct cost codes are automatically generated.

Intelligent Award Interpreter delivers 100% timesheet interpretation

The intelligent Enterprise Agreement and Award Interpreter is a business rules engine that can apply thousands of contract interpretations to the rostering and time recording process. Complex award rules are taken into consideration when building rosters, and data fed to your payroll system is based on the relevant award rules for each employee. To achieve fully automated roster to pay, our intelligent interpreter interprets 100% of the relevant conditions.

Integrated financial and payroll data

Tracking cost codes within the rostering process is automated and enables accurate information to automatically flow from source through to payroll processing and your general ledger. This eliminates the manual account code overrides which if erroneous will impact GL accuracy.

 Key features of the rostering business rules engine:


  • AMS Roster-to-Pay is built around an intelligent rostering engine making it easier to plan and implement rosters across your organisation
  • Rostering for complexity; 24/7 environment, with skills, competencies and rules
  • On the day management; changes and moves
  • Budgeting and costing with four cost measures; budgeted, planned, rostered and actual views to see and compare
  • Master roster and roster templates
  • Tasks, activities and training plans
  • Management of casual staff or employees with multiple jobs
  • Planning and scenario modelling
  • Leave management
  • Roster optimisation
  • Employment rules, such as ADOs (Accrued Days Off)
  • Flexibility to support acuity and demand requirements
  • Automatic cost-centre management, no account code override required