Insurance Management

A complete lifecycle solution for the sale and management of life insurance products
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Automate the sales process

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Introduce new products effectively

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Enhance policy processing & management

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Support quality customer service

Clients first

The AMS Life Insurance Management solution delivers a complete and efficient solution for the sale and management of life insurance products. From initial policy proposals through all the multi-faceted aspects of managing clients, our solution helps simplify and improve efficiency.

Flexible for you

The solution enables a client-centric and flexible life administration system that is easy to use. Multiple policies and associated benefits can be managed from a client perspective, and it also handles the complexity of multiple company environments. Our system is tailored to meet your exact product and commission requirements.

Bank Assurance

The needs of the bank assurance sector are also met. Our solution automates online processes to enable sales to be completed in bank branch offices. Our Current clients include the largest life insurers and bank assurance entities in New Zealand.

Full Cover

We cover all areas of client processing; including premium renewals, underwriting and actuarial functions, multi-companies, group scheme processing, claims, and cashiering as well as full accounting functionality with its inbuilt general ledger.

Who do we work with?


AMS provided migration expertise to AIA through their merger with Sovereign and helped realise their vision to reduce the number of legacy systems; consolidating almost all of their Life Insurance business onto the AMS management platform. In doing this AIA have been able to realise significant benefits in simplification, productivity and cost reduction.


Cigna uses AMS’ Life Insurance solution nationally across the ANZ Bank’s branch network to quote and sell their bank assurance product set. Our sales administration application is in use daily by ANZ’s business consultants to manage customers, quoting and pricing insurance  and confirming insurance cover using the AMS online underwriting engine.

End-to-end Automation

Achieving efficiency and effective solution automation can only be done when your processes are truly end-to-end. AMS Professional Services help you achieve that goal and deliver industry-leading outcomes, from product design through to effective sales and management processes and full client lifecycle administration.

End-to-end Automation

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