AMS | Insurance Management

NZ’s leading life insurance policy management solution


Automated sales process

Automated sales process: no more missed steps thanks to fast, accurate automation.

Front End underwriting

Front End underwriting; ability to issue 'clean skin' applications at point-of-sale.

Enhance policy management

Move policy management beyond the status quo - deliver real customer value.

Introduce new products effectively

Introduce new products effectively and easily into your sales process.

End-to-end solution

End-to-end solution from application through every facet of policy management.


Built to integrate to your existing environment and systems.

Creating better outcomes for all

AMS is trusted to manage over 50% of New Zealand’s life insurance policies for some of the biggest (and smallest) names in the industry. That means covering everything from the initial policy proposals right through all the multiple touchpoints for the life of a policy. We cover all the latest risk-based modular products, in tandem with legacy product offerings as well. An end-to-end solution, on one platform that integrates into your existing systems - that's AMS.

AMS | Insurance Management
AMS | Insurance Management
AMS | Insurance Management

More than just software

AMS Insurance Management has a comprehensive range of services, including running the entire policy management technology stack for our customers.  We tailor our approach to what you need today, while planning with you for tomorrow.

AMS | Insurance Management

AMS is proud of the company it keeps

AMS provides Insurance Management solutions to over 50% of New Zealand’s life insurance providers.  Our customers are at the forefront of the life insurance and bank insurance sectors in New Zealand, including well-known global brands.  We are extremely proud of the collaborative relationship we have with all our customers, many of which span several decades.

Assurance for the life of your policies

AMS keeps you compliant and secure in managing your broad range of products over long periods of time.  We have been working with leading insurance providers for decades and have a deep understanding of both the technical and regulatory requirements.  We draw upon our teams expert industry knowledge to assist you - as much, or as little, as you need – through implementation and delivery to ongoing support and maintenance.

  • End-to-end policy management: from application through every facet of policy management for the life of the policy
  • Built exclusively for New Zealand regulations and client base
  • Currently retains over 1.3M policies
  • Trusted brand for over 40 years
  • Supports a full range of modern and legacy products
  • 50% of NZ life insurance policies managed via AMS

End-to-end solution scope

We really do have you covered

"From lifetime policy management to expert technical and compliance support - AMS has it covered"

We are always happy to talk or you may like to download a pdf of our AMS Insurance Policy Management Overview.  No matter what, we aren't going any where.  

AMS has been providing life insurance policy management software and services for over 40 years.  We continue to innovate and grow - and hope you choose to grow with us, too. 

AMS | Insurance Management
You can only achieve efficiency and effectiveness in solution automation if your processes are truly end-to-end...making it not just a solution but a total transformation. 

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