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Gail Lees celebrates 15 years and more than 10,500 pay runs with AMS!

1 Apr, 2019

Gail Lees, an AMS Outsource Team Leader, has today reached her fifteenth anniversary working at AMS.

She started in 2004 as the AMS receptionist, quickly moving into the AMS Outsource team when it was established and went on to earn herself a team leadership position, based on her extensive knowledge, skills and experience.

Gail has calculated that her team has done over 10,500 pay runs, and she is proud to say that she has never missed a pay run in fifteen years!

The Outsource team has grown to service a wide range of customers across a variety of industries and has developed deep relationships with payroll management and payroll staff, based on mutual respect and trust.

Gail’s tenure with the Outsourced team has added an immeasurable amount of knowledge about our product and clients, which she happily shares to help each team member provide the highest level of service and customer care. In her spare time Gail enjoys gardening, cooking, and sharing the great New Zealand outdoors life with her grandson.

Gail is the eleventh member of our current staff to reach the 15 year milestone, reflecting the depth of experience that we bring to our customers.

Gail Lees, AMS Outsource team Leader
Gail Lees, AMS Outsource team Leader