A fully integrated, end-to-end solution with AMS Pulse


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Delivered via secure cloud, it is fully mobile friendly to support your people no matter where or when they are working

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End-to-end paperless process to drive digital transformation

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Proven in the most complex employment environments in New Zealand, including public health

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Successfully driving your organisation with digital insights, real-time analytics and reporting

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Supports compliance with integrated leave management

Proven + Powerful

Roster-to-Pay is delivered as part of AMS Pulse' cloud solution. It is used by New Zealand's most complex employment environments to manage rostered and timesheet drive, workforces. It is fully integrated from rostering, to award interpretation - delivering accurate pay outcomes.

Self-service portal

All aspects of Roster-to-Pay are delivered via our self-service portal, enabling users secure access to manage and view data in real time.  AMS Roster-to-Pay is deployed across critical New Zealand organisations including public and private health sector, government and education. 

Automating simplicity

Roster-to-Pay includes AMS' NZ Awards Interpreter:
  • Automating the calculation of time-based awards clauses
  • Supporting compliance requirements
  • Budget, planned, rostered and actual views to support forecasting and planning
  • Intelligent rostering of an individual with multiple roles
  • Visibility and control of resource costs
  • Fully integrated with leave requests
  • Streamlines the payroll function and removes time consuming payroll problems

Automatically calculate and process pay, tax and leave:
  • End-to-end integrated solution to ensure correct payments
  • Comprehensive payroll information; full visibility for all employees
  • Supports multiple contract types, awards, allowances, deductions
  • Automated calculation and payment, with full audit trail of all leave types
  • Central storage of all roster and timesheet data 
  • Detailed reporting, including future recalculations, is made easy
  • Mobile enabled self-service for real-time accuracy and greater engagement

Solving the complex workforce puzzle

For some organisations, effective allocation and tracking of resource is a huge challenge. Fluctuating workforce and competency requirements, many differing awards, different employee types and locations are some of the challenges. In addition, trying to roster safely, minimise costs and plan, in this environment, provides multiple challenges.

The design of our powerful award interpreter within Roster-to-Pay delivered via AMS Pulse, ensures consistency of rule interpretations and of payments. Our solution supports Multi Employer Collective Agreements (MECAs) and Independent Employment Agreements while providing support for any number of different types of agreements.


The powerful roster capability has inbuilt rules and flags to create easy-to-build, understandable rosters with integrated leave and loads of inbuilt logic to simplify the rostering function.  Fully integrated 'self-service' allows everyone to see their rosters with simple, accurate, pre-populated timesheets that flow throw to managers for approval and ultimately payment.




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