Workforce Management

Drive your business with connected people


Overview 1

One source of truth across your organisation, for all the ways you work

Overview 2

Delivers complete Inland Revenue and Holidays Act legislative compliance

Overview 3

Real-time reporting provides deep insights for business and financial management

Overview 4

Full historical audit trail across your entire workforce lifecycle management

Workforce of the future

Connect your people and teams, for optimal outcomes and performance. Workforce Management is designed and built in New Zealand by AMS to enable digital transformation, support compliance and deliver workforce efficiencies and performance.

Workforce Management

Deliver outcomes

For Payroll and HR
  • A focused solution supporting your HR strategy
  • User Communities to access and share best practice
  • Automation leading to the most efficient end-to-end processes
  • Improve compliance with less manual intervention
For CIOs and Technical Management:
  • Scalable, robust Cloud environment reducing operational risk
  • Conforming to NZISM Cloud standards
  • A proven, fully managed SaaS solution with On Premise and Outsourcing options
  • Business Continuity Plan, includes 3-way Step In Agreement
For your People and People Managers:
  • Reduce administration time, freeing time to focus on productivity
  • Engaging, mobile experience, interacting with real-time information 
  • Enable digital transformation 
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems
For CFOs and Finance Teams:
  • Effective compliance and control with better data insights
  • An easy to consume subscription SaaS contract option
  • Scale benefits from investment in a future proof cloud platform
  • Reduced risk and increased return on workforce investment

Purpose-built + proven

The AMS Workforce Management Solution is 100% built in New Zealand and is specifically designed for NZ legislation and conditions. AMS provides strategic and operational benefits to large and dispersed organisations that are focussed on delivering successful business outcomes, quality customer service and HR best practises.

Built with business outcomes and employee collaboration at its core, the system drives best practice, provides connectivity and interoperability, opens doors to more cost-effective processes, greater consistency and improved data analytics and controls.

Workforce Management

AMS Workforce Management puts your people at the heart of your business, to bring together comprehensive capability across HRMIS, rostering, payroll and leave management to support your business in a responsive, compliant and safe manner whilst managing your workforce needs today and in the future. More than 80,000 people are managed and paid more than 5 billion dollars through the AMS Workforce Management system every year.




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